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If you are content with the conditions we are offering you and ask us to make a costume, please put the appropriate cost into our Paypal account. We will start making your costume as soon as we confirm the payment.

- We deliver top quality costumes to customers who want truly superior products. People who are not prepared to respond to emails from our shop or carry out smooth communication with us end up causing problems for other customers who are waiting to receive their new costume, so please donft be one of these people!

- We will reject enquiries from customers who have already ordered a costume from another shop and are only window-shopping.

- We have policy of gDelivering a custom-made costume that satisfies youh. We may therefore request prior discussion with you by email or ask you to provide us with data about the costume you would like.

At the moment we are receiving many estimation requests and making as many costumes as we can. We are very sorry, but we have to stop receiving estimation requests once a certain limit is reached.

We do not usually contact you by phone. Communication to give you the results of estimation or for other purposes is made by email.
Cosplay Costumes Japan never makes sales by phone.

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We send the estimate result to our customers first who fills in Required items and prepares reference materials.

Free Estimation form
@šCharacter name @(Example) Yuna from Final Fantasy
@šRequired items @
(Example) dress, headset ,cape, gloves, leggings, shirt, skirt
Please fill in all necessary parts.
@Materials @(Example) cotton and polyester
@šHeight @ (Example) 63 inches or 168 cm
@šGender @Female@Male
@šNationa‚Œity @(Example) United States
@šName @(Example) John Smith
@šEmail address @(Example)
@Telephone number @(Example)212-123-4567
@šCourse @Standard (more than $500) Premium (more than $1000)
@šYour maximum budget less than $500 $500-$1000 $1000-$2000 more than $2000
 We may be unable to estimate, if you have a small budget.
@šIMPORTANT --Do you have reference materials for the character?
Please make sure to prepare reference materials.
If you have a picture for the character, please send the picture file to us by email. Our email address is
If you would like to provide images on the website as reference materials (back and front), please type the appropriate URL (http ://.....) in gCommentshbelow.
(Reference materials are required for estimation)
(URL of reference website, etc.)