Our Customer`s Voices

Mr. Takenoko(from Osaka)
"Ezio Auditore" from Assasin's Creed II

hank you so much for making such a great costume!! This was the first time I ordered one so I was so worried if the fit would be good and if I could trust an online shop. However, thanks to the staff's rapid and polite support, my worries gradually changed into excitement. When I recieved the costume, I got really excited because it was so much higher in quality than I imagined. It was a bit pricey but by trying it on, as it was an unique custom-made just for me, I realized how it fit perfectly and that it is worth so much more than the price! I am really happy I ordered my costume at Cosplay Costumes Japan. All my thanks to Mr. Shinagawa, the store manager, and all of the other staff!! I am willing to order my future costumes at Cosplay Costumes Japan. I also want to introduce Cosplay Costumes Japan to my friends and show them how great you are!! :) Thank you so much!!

Ms. Ruen(from Tokyo)
"Jack Krauser" from Resident Evil 4

Thank you very much for such a beautiful costume!! The costumes that Cosplay Costumes Japan makes are always of a very high quality and wearing them makes me happy. If I were to order a costume of a character I love, it would definitely be at this shop! That's what I have decided. I went out for an event today...and thanks to the beautiful costume, I could handle the whole day without any worries...! I can't wait for the next costume from your shop. I love all of you at Cosplay Costumes Japan!!

Mr. Kyo Thaw(from Queensland, Australia)
"Ashitaka" from Princess Mononoke

Hello again, its been some time since I received it but I just wanted to say thank you so much for the costume.
I was very impressed with the quality and detail of the costume. I will highly recommend you to anyone that wants to get a costume tailor made.
I will definately be getting another costume made soon.
Thank you so much Cosplay Costumes Japan!

Mr.Badio Cristian( from Varese, Italia)
"Hiroshi Shiba" from KOUTETU

Dear Mr. Minoru Okamoto,
is with great pleasure that I send a couple of pictures while I wearing the costume you made for me.
Although some time has passed since I received it, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and everyone of your staff for this excellent work; you have packed a suit of high-level tailoring, capable to meet the most demanding cosplayers.
With admiration I intend also to emphasize how you have kept faith with the commitments made when you have agreed to perform this work for me even while Japan was facing a major disaster in Fukushima.
As many other satisfied customers, I wish you will publish (along with the images I attached) these few lines both on your site in Japanese and in English and I hope you will apologize me for using not so correctly the grammar of the country of the rising sun.
Thanks again and ...

Shie( from Aichi Pref.)
"Marisa Kirisame" from Komajo Densetsu ScarletSymphony

Thank you for making this awesome Marisa Kirisame's costume! What impressed me best was its details! They were reproduced wonderfully!!! The costume perfectly fits my body when I wore it even we discussed about it by sending e-mails only. When I received the costume, some parts in it were different from what I ordered, however your quick service to remake it made me be reassured. When I joined the event with the costume as my first "cosplay" in my life, many visitors and cosplayers asked me to taking my photos. MarisaKirisame's costume gave me opportunities to communicate with them. Many thanks to Cosplay Costumes Japan's stuff!

Naoki Takamori( from Tokyo )
"Psaro the Manslayer" from Dragon Quest IV: Chapters of the Chosen

I'm Naoki Takanao, ordered Psaro the Manslayer's costume. Thank you for making great costume for me! It includes When I saw its some molding parts., I could understand their efforts. I think it was reasonable price with this high quality compare with other shops; where offered me more expensive price. Finally, I found yearning one! When I wore it in a convention, I could receive acclaims from many guests. In the days ahead, I want show my self much better in this awesome costume! If my friends is looking for new costume, I definitely tell them about Cosplay Costumes Japan. Thank you so much!!

Hong Meilin from Komajo Densetsu ScarletSymphony

Thank you for making Hong Meilin's costume. I was anxious, because I never bought fully-customized one. One of my friend recommend me to ask you, so I odered to you. When I visited to the office for the meeting, I was satisfied with shop's dedicated service for special request. After 2 month later, I received costume. It perfectly fit to my body. Costume's needlework was also brilliant. The costume had some small error parts, but the shop took care them quickly in a week. Since I received the costume, I could spend fantastic cosplay time with my friends. When I need new one, I want ask Cosplay costumes Japan definitely as my first option. Thank you so much, I do really appreciate it.

Mr.Yamanaka Kikuno
"Takeda Shingen" from SengokuMusou3

I'm Kikuno Yamanaka, ordered the costume of Shingen Takeda from Sengokumusou 3. I wore it in the conventions on August and September. In both events, I received many praises from the guests. Thank you for the C Costumes Japan's great work!! I enjoyed communication through my first cosplay. I talked with stuff by E-mail only, their response was in a polite way. When I opened the box, I was blown away! It perfectly fit to my body! I was also glad because costume was packed like birthday present. Thank you for providing such a great costume, I'd like to ask you again!

Mr. Yoshida Yamato
"Shura" from Ragnarok Online

Thank you for making such a nice costume even I did't have many references. When I opened the box, I was surprised! It was not just carefully packed, but also well-organized like a beautiful gift. In the convention, many cosplayers said " It's amazing!". I was very anxious when I contacted you, but I felt easy because of your quick response in polite way. I did right choice asking you! I thank to the all stuff who tackled to my many questions and craft workers who made my costume. I would like to order to you again, please help me in that time. I sent my photo in the event. I wish someone who is worry for buy from Cosplay Costumes Japan can feel secure by my comment. I was the one who decided to ask them after reading the comments from others.

Kinakomochi( from Shizuoka Pref.)
"Cure Marine" from Heart Catch Pretty Cure!

Thank you for making my lovely dress! I requested to make it because Cure Marine's ready-made costumes were not my desirable ones, You sent its progress report, so I could wait relievedly. When I received the box, it was packed beautifully, I rushed to wear adorable costume! In fact, when I was taking photos at seaside, many children and their mothers said in surprise," It's Cure Marine!!", I enjoyed taking pictures with kids like an event:> This is the result of your effort. I want to ask you guys again. It was really can-be-happy costume!

Raika (from Chiba Pref.)
"Hsien-Ko" from Darkstalkers

Thank you for making this costume! I requested especially Hsien-Ko's unique sleeves. It was perfectly match with my image. I shouted "It's just I wanted!". Colors are the same as the one on the game, it's difficult to have winkles, and what's more is the zips as I asked! I wanted to pull out my arms from middle of sleeves to grab something any how, ready-made products and semi-orders haven't this point and sleeve's shape were not also what I wanted, while I did not have confidence to make it alone...... I was anxious about body-measuring., actually my size is not fixed, I often get not comfortable costume, even I measured by my self. But I was relieved because they check my size in their office. They provide me perfectly fit uniform. The price exceeded my budget, but it was valuable with this great quality. I also thank you for giving me the amulet I did not ordered as the test product. When I want have fully customized one, I want ask them again. Thank you for providing me such a nice costume.

Mr. Nishimura (from Tokyo)
"Republic Aketon" from Final Fantasy XI

"Nishimura here. First off, let me tell you the first impression I had when I opened the costume case. Firstly, the vivid blue color of the entire costume surprised me. Although I knew it would be a cold color, I was concerned about how it would look since it's brighter than black. However, I was moved when I saw it. The details are also perfect. In particular the flag on the shoulder was not made using embroidery, which makes me feel comfortable to move around while wearing the costume without worrying about it losing its shape.
This is the second time that I have ordered a costume, including one other shop. However, the costume by Cosplay Costumes Japan was far more better than the previous one. When I get my next idea for a costume , I will order from dot.com. Thank you very much."

Duo (from Ibaragi Pref.)
"Rinoa Heartilly" from Final Fantasy VIII

Thank you for making this costume of Rinoa Heartilly from FF8.
I'm not fond of ready-made uniforms nor can I make them by myself. Thankfully, I found dot com. E-mails and meetings were conducted with great care, and I was able to order my costume with no worries. I was particularly surprised at the attitude of the staff upon meetings. They were considerate and stuck to the details even more than myself. The costume Cosplay Costumes Japan made for me exudes quality and is comfortable to wear. It's great!
The costume was also praised at events. I'm really glad to have had it made to order. The next time there's cosplay I want to do, I'll be sure to order from dot.com. Thank you again!

Ms. Takahashi (from Kanagawa Pref.)
"V. Astlaya" from Shinrabansho Chocolate: Ougarasen No Sho

Very sorry to keep you waiting. I was able to get together with my fellow cosplayers and got a hold of the photo data from the get-together, so here your are. The costume is really easy to wear, and I was able to have a lot of fun. Thank you very much! If I have another chance, I would like to order from you again.

Matsuba Shiraishi (from Saitama Pref.)
"Mizuha Makoto" from Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G

I really want to thank you for making such a nice costume. I was very anxious about it because it was my first experience ordering a custom-made costume, and online no less. I didn't t think I properly relayed the image of the costume in my head when ordering.
However, I was very moved by the costume when I received it. The quality was higher than I imagined. It's like the equipment from the game just jumped right out from it. Amazing that Cosplay Costumes Japan was able to make such splendid equipment with my poor explanation...you guys are too great! :-) Even the details were designed expertly, getting me many compliments at events from a lot of different people. I really felt good to have ordered from Cosplay Costumes Japan, and look forward to ordering again. My biggest thanks to your staff!

Emeraude (from Gunma Pref.)
"Emeraldes" and "Captain Harlock" from Galaxy Express 999

Sorry for my late reply. I wore the costume for the Rapig 999 event by Joshin Railway in Oct. 2009 and the fair of Galaxy Express 999 by and at the Reiji Matsumoto event at the Galaxy Event fair in Nov. I was really surprised how high the quality was when I received the costume. The package wrapping was also so nice. I will wear it again at the Joshin Railway event of Joshin in May 2010. I look to order a costume from you again next time as well. Thank you!

Kishi (from Fukuoka Pref.)
"Arios" from Angelique Etoile

In all honesty, I was worried being that it was my first time to make a custom-made order, plus it was online. But, after browsing blogs and the voices of customer on your website, I felt that Cosplay Costumes Japan was reliable and went ahead and placed an order.
During the short, one-month delivery period, your handling by e-mail and telephone was very quick and polite, which gave me much comfort. When the costume case arrived, the first thing I was pleased with was the beautiful gift-like wrapping. More than anything, the quality of the color and the texture were higher than I imagined. The costume was a hit in events among other cosplayers. I'm sure that I'll be ordering from dot.com again. Thank you very much.

Chika Sawa (from Saitama Pref.)
Original stuffed pigs dressed in tuxedo and wedding dress

I am very pleased and grateful that Cosplay Costumes Japan made these wonderful costumes. Thank you very much. Before I encountered Cosplay Costumes Japan, my requests were rejected by many costume shops. In the meantime, the manufacturer of the stuffed animals were ceasing production, making them difficult to get a hold of. Although I was about to give up. I made an inquiry to Cosplay Costumes Japan as my last hope, thinking that I would be rejected again. However, after talking to Cosplay Costumes Japan on the phone, surprisingly, you said you would accept my order. I sent e-mails a few times afterwards, but was honestly almost discouraged when I received the estimate. Even so, I did not give up on the costumes, and asked you guys to take care of it. After that, the process went smooth. During the meeting at the shop, I strongly felt ""they can handle it"" as a strong sense of trust in your eagerness and wonderful knowledge and experience.

Cosplay Costumes Japan frequently reported progress up until the product finished, which put me at ease. Their warm concern was present throughout, especially upon a meeting where they presented to me a perfectly-sized draft of the full size and shape of the costumes before I even showed them the stuffed animal. That is what made me decide to order from dot.com. When I received the finished costume, it was more beautiful than the bride dress I was to wear. I was truly moved, and really felt glad that I ordered it from dot.com! Thanks to all of the production staff! You guys are the best!

Ms. Shirao
"hide" of X-JAPAN

My name is Shirao. I previously ordered the green tribal design costume worn by hide from X-JAPAN. Thank you very much for the cool costume! The cloth is better than the sample photo I sent, and incorporated detailed designs that I did not initially recognize. My nitpicky requests were also completely addressed. I am very pleased with the reasonable price and the final product was better than I imagined. Initially, I was anxious about the costume given that it was custom-made. However, I was very happy at polite your manner over the phone was. When the costume arrived, I found that all of my minute requests were fulfilled, and I saw that my requests had been conveyed to the production site thoroughly. I would like to extend my thanks to Mr. Minoru Okamoto for his amazing service, including his following up at the site of production.

Many people talked to me upon going to the actual X-JAPAN concert. Surprisingly, high school girls who don't know X-JAPAN and staff members of entertainment agencies even spoke to me. My photo was also placed in an X-JAPAN magazine. I'm really glad that I ordered the costume from Cosplay Costumes Japan, and plan on ordering again thanks to my positive experience. Thank you very much for the coolest costume!

Ms. Fukushima (from Tokyo)
"Tifa Lockhart" from Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children

Good evening! Fukushima here. I got the Tifa costume delivered safely and in time for the event. As you can see from the photo, it's just my size! I'm really pleased that the length of this costume turned out just as I envisioned it, and was surprised at how close the skirt and gloves were to the original. Thanks to Cosplay Costumes Japan, today's cosplay session was a success!
Thank you for fulfilling my demanding requests. In fact, I have already ordered my third costume from dot.com! I'm really looking forward to the next one, and am sure I'll be satisfied. Thank you!!

Mr. Tamai (from Hokkaido Pref.)
"Kefka Palazzo" from Dissidia Final Fantasy

First off, thank you very much for making this wonderful costume! I was in awe that Cosplay Costumes Japan reproduced such Kefka's complicated design and ornaments so well. Even though expensive materials were abundantly used, I appreciate that you were emphatic towards my budget. In the future, before giving up on making a costume from it being too complicated, I plan on realizing my vision by ordering it from dot.com!

Rinko Sakuradamaru (from Tokyo)
"Beatrice" from When they cry 3

This was the first time I ordered a custom-made costume. Up until now, I had made my costumes by myself. It often took time and didn't come out right, leading me to go ahead and ask for an estimate. I was surprised at the unexpectedly reasonable price and high quality! Your work is really faithful to the reference materials I provided. I was moved at how you really understand the heart of cosplayers. Even materials, patterns and details which are not easily seen were perfect! I was really pleased with it.
For the time being, since I have no plans to participate in any event, I will have to wait a little bit before wearing it. However. I am extremely eager to take photos as soon as possible. I know some friends who have some concerns about ordering a custom-made costume. I will be sure to recommend Cosplay Costumes Japan to them. Thank you!

Mr. Ozaki (from Ibaraki Pref.)
"Mitsuhide Akechi" from DEVIL KINGS

Thank you for making this Akechi costume for me. Since Akechi's costume employs a lot of molding elements in its design, I figured that I should order it from somewhere. However, I had no experience in making a custom-made order nor in shopping online. So, you can imagine my level of concern. :-) Though I am very short, I like Akechi very much. Therefore, I decided to leave the costume to a high-quality costume maker.
I had asked a few online businesses that make custom-made costumes to provide me with an estimate. However, Cosplay Costumes Japan was the most honest as well as the fastest in dong business! Your emails were also very thorough. The delivered costume was wrapped just like a present. Upon wearing it, I was surprised at just how perfect the size was. Every single detail was so exact. I plan on wearing it repeatedly at events and photo shoots. I'll be ordering from you guys again!!

Ms. Oto
"Zidane Tribal" from FINAL FANTASY IX

Sorry for my late reply. This is Oto. I ordered a costume of Zidane Tribal from FF9 from you guys. Around this time in June, I wore the costume you made for me and took part in the event. The final product was really good, and my fellow cosplayers gave me a lot of compliments. I'm sure that my nitpicky requests were a hassle to your staff and production team. But, I'm glad that I made those requests. Thank you so much! In the future, I will be sure to order again from dot.com.
In particular, I was pleased that the level of perfection of the costume was so high despite being the first attempt at a cosplay outfit for this character. Three cheers for dot.com!

Simka (from Aichi Pref.)
"Corsair AF" from FINAL FANTASY XI

Sorry for my late reply. The level of perfection of the Corsair was so high that I couldn't believe it. I was truly moved.
I had requested a quotation from many manufacturers, but all of them turned town my request. Right when I was about to give up, I discovered the Cosplay Costumes Japan website. Concluding that you guys were the only ones who could carry out my request, I placed an order. The store manager was very kind and polite. If the opportunity presents itself or a friend of mine wants place an order, I will be sure to recommend dot.com. Thank you very much for the wonderful costume.

T.S. (from Tochigi Pref.)
"Vivian" from Phantasy Star Portable

I'm deeply grateful to you for making this beautiful costume. I immediately wore it for a restricted theme cosplay event. Many people loved it, calling it ""Cute!"" and ""Great!"", which I was very happy to hear!
It was the first time for me to request the quotation. So, I was little nervous. But Cosplay Costumes Japan handled everything quickly and carefully, which put me at great ease. When the costume was delivered, I was really surprised! I couldn't believe that Cosplay Costumes Japan was able to make such a wonderful costume for such a reasonable price! I was fully satisfied, and look forward to recommending that others also use dot.com. Thank you very, very much!

Keito (from Kanagawa Pref.)
"Ciel Phantomhive" from Black Butler

Thank you for putting together this beautiful dress! I had never special-ordered a costume nor bought a ready-made costume, so I was really nervous. But Cosplay Costumes Japan handled our initial exchanges with great professionalism, which comforted me and compelled me to place an order.
When I opened the delivered costume case, I was really surprised! The costume was wrapped so neatly. I opened it excitedly as if I was opening a Christmas present!. :-) Moreover, I was so pleased to see that you included a free gift. Upon trying the costume, thanks to it being custom-made, it was exactly my size. I also felt that great attention was put into the details, and was happy to be so satisfied with my very first costume! I'm happy that I went ahead and ordered from dot.com. Next time, I will be sure to order from you guys again. Thank you very much!

Hiku (from Tokyo)
"Fran" from Katekyo Hitman REBORN!

I had some questions and concerns being that it was online shopping. However, since the character is fresh out of a new animation and an official costume didn't exist yet. I thought the only way to make the costume is to order it custom-made. So, I decided to order from Cosplay Costumes Japan, which my friend recommended.

Cosplay Costumes Japan handled everything very politely and kindly, and after actually going to your office, my worries vanished just like that. They came up with solutions one by one along with me and gave me advice. While I was concerned about the frog cap, when it was delivered, I was very surprised!! It really was Fran's frog cap!! The Varia jacket was based on specs for the one from ten years in the future, which boosted its coolness factor. Plus, it fit very nicely. Since Fran has no official costume yet and there are not too many available images of him in his entirety, I was highly moved with how well the costume came out! I was so pleased that I took a photo using my cell phone, and started wearing the costume immediately. You can tell how excited I must have been the day I got the costume. My friend got excited at the high quality of the frog cap.
I am really grateful to dot.com and am glad to have ordered from them. I highly recommend them for working so closely with me on the costume, and having such a high-quality product to boot.

"O.K.M. (from Kyoto Pref.)
"Suefumi Ohno" from Harukanaru Toki no Naka de maihitoyo

I am very sorry for my late reply. Thank you for the beautiful costume. Although I had only ordered the jacket this time around. I was very excited with the finished product, which completely exceeded what I had imagined. I couldn't stop marveling at the color and design. Its texture is very comfortable, and I can feel its high quality every time I wear it.
E-mail was our way of communication, and e-mails were polite and thorough. The previous time I ordered, which was my first time, I had many concerns, and ended up placing an order despite a lack of reference materials. But Cosplay Costumes Japan made me a wonderful costume nonetheless, which pleased me very much. The price may be high, but the costume is exquisite to the point of being surprising and worth the cost. When ordering a custom-made costume, uncertainty is bound to remain. Communication only by the likes of e-mail and telephone also compounds this. But the quality of the costume was solid, it was finely detailed, and its texture made it comfortable to wear (I'm glad to be able to wash it at home!). Thank you very much for this wonderful costume.

Puchi Ane (from Tokyo)
"Di Gi Charat" of DiGiCharat (costume alone)

The final product came out wonderful. I imagine that the production side had a lot of trouble. Because there were no detailed materials for the costume, I had to order it using only officially released pictures. Despite this, even the finest details were reproduced, and found a lot of effort put into here and there.
Although it took a little bit of time from order to completion. Cosplay Costumes Japan informed me of the progress upon each key stage of production, which kept me at ease as I waited.
Thanks to your meticulous handling of everything and frequent communication, I was left with no uncertainty upon placing a full order, and am grateful that everything was brought to completion. Your efforts are greatly appreciated. I immediately wore the costume in an event and received a lot of compliments. Thank you again.

Tacchi (from Hyogo Pref.)
"Kevin Graham" and "Ries Argent" from THE LEGEND OF HEROES SORA NO KISEKI THE THIRD

Sorry for my late reply. Thank you very much for making of these Kevin Graham and Ries Argent costumes. As I had never ordered a custom-made costume, I requested quotations from Cosplay Costumes Japan and other competitors. Cosplay Costumes Japan not only replied quickly, but also presented me with various price options, making it easy for me to consult with my wallet.
Until the costume arrived, honestly speaking, I had some concerns. However, I was sent reports of progress by e-mail, and the delivered costume ended up being just my size. You even reproduced the finer details and made the accessories that go around the waist, much to my surprise. Thanks to Cosplay Costumes Japan, I was able to wear this long-awaited costume with my partner. I am very grateful to you. Thank you again!!

Akari Sotozaki (from Aomori Pref.)
"Jotaro Kujo" from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Stardust Crusaders

Hi! This is Sotozaki. I ordered a Jotaro Kujo costume. I just saw the costume, so I'm a bit on the excited side. It's so cool!! Plus, I wasn't expecting to receive a handwritten letter from the shop manager. I was moved by its politeness.
I'm sure that making Jotaro's hat was the most difficult part of the costume. Still, I can't believe how good you made the details! Upon opening the costume case at my friend's place, I was grinning so much that my friend said I was scaring her!
This was the first time I had placed an order online, so I had some concerns. But Cosplay Costumes Japan answered my questions in detail, making my qualms disappear. I was so happy that I don't know how to thank you guys!
Really, thank you very much. Everything was perfect! I will be sure to recommend Cosplay Costumes Japan to my friends. Three cheers for you guys! I'm looking forward to next time. :-)

Yayoi (from Saitama Pref.)
"Aphmau" from Final Fantasy XI

Sorry for my late reply. Thank you for your making my costume. Even though the costume is made of minute decorations, Cosplay Costumes Japan reproduced so beautifully and meticulously, and the final product was fantastic. I was most satisfied. :-)
The cloth is very sturdy, and I think I can wear it for a long time. I'm looking forward to asking you for another quotation in the future!

"Renri (from Saitama Pref.)
"Ryuko" from Monochrome Factor

Thank you very much for making this Ryuko costume. Since this was for first new costume for me in years, I thought I would go with a custom-made order, which I did with dot.com. A meeting was held directly at the office, which put me at great ease. Cosplay Costumes Japan kept me informed of progress from the start to finish of production by e-mail, which had me excited every time:-) When the costume was delivered, I thought I was going to scream in adulation! I was so impressed that I just stared at it in admiration for a while. The part I had explained came out even better than I hoped. I really didn't know how to say. I immediately wore the costume at the winter Comic Market, and was most satisfied. The finished product is so cool that it is wasted on me. The silhouette of the cloak is sweet! :-)
I'm really glad to have ordered my costume from dot.com. Thank you! Sorry for my late reply. I'm looking forward to next time.

Jay (from Shimane Pref.)
"Kotaro Fuma" of DEVIL KINGS 2

Before I requested an estimate, I was wondering how expensive a custom-made costume would be. After receiving the estimate, I honestly though, "Wow, that's up there!" But once the costume was delivered and I opened the case, I momentarily froze out of amazement. If I had known it was going to be this high-quality, I would have gone with the Premier Course. :-) The staff explained things in detail and complied with my additional requests politely through email, which put me at ease. The costume is easy to wear, too, and made me think that I would like to order a costume from you again. Anyway, I'm glad that the costume arrived in time for the event. Thank you very much. I look forward to recommending dot.com.

Kana (from Saitama Pref.)
"Finland" from Axis powers Hetalia

Thank you for creating this costume.
At first, I was very concerned since it was my first time to cosplay, as well as my first time place an order with a vendor for a costume. But Cosplay Costumes Japan answered my questions immediately and straightforwardly, and kept informed me of production progress through E-mail. I was able to relax and wait until the completion of the costume. The finished costume was wrapped carefully like a present, and was accompanied by a hand-written letter by the shop manager. Not only I was happy when I saw the costume, I was also very pleased that the shop manager enclosed a letter.
I will be sure to recommend Cosplay Costumes Japan to others, and look forward to ordering a costume from you again. Thanks to all the staff at dot.com.

Molly (from Osaka Pref.)
"Momoiro Kataomoi" costume as worn by Aya Matsuura

Sorry for my late reply.
When I received the costume case and opened it, I screamed out, " "It's really Aya's costume!!" " When I actually put it on, I became even more excited. I summoned up my courage and wore the costume to a Aya Matsuura fan convention. Many fans came up and spoke to me, including Aya herself! I felt really glad to have worn it, and plan to wear it again at Aya concerts and events.
Cosplay Costumes Japan was very professional and allowed me to feel at ease until the costume arrived the arrival of the costume at ease. I will surely order from you guys again. Thank you.

Itsuki Kaminagi
"Yoshitsune Genkuro" from CR Yoshitsune Monogatari (Pachinko game)

My name is Suzuki. I ordered a costume of Genkuro Yoshitsune from CR Yoshitsune Monogatari. Sorry, I had written a letter, but later lost it, so please forgive the intrusion by E-mail.I participated in a cosplay event for the first time in my life on Oct. 19 at the Azuchi Momoyama Bunka Mura (Sengoku Jidai Mura) historical theme park. So, the costume was a perfect match with the venue. I had a great time.
The costume came out beautifully, with its visual aspects reproduced in uncanny detail, and it was easy to wear. Though I did not provide Cosplay Costumes Japan with enough reference materials, I was amazed that you were able to make such a splendid costume. The next time I need a costume made, I will be sure to order it from dot.com. Thank you very much.
I attached some photos from the event. My expression may not look so pleased, but I really enjoyed it. :-)

miyu (from Osaka Pref.)
"Milky Rose" from Yes! Pretty Cure 5

For my beloved daughter, I had Cosplay Costumes Japan make a costume of her favorite character, Milky Rose from Yes! Pretty Cure 5.
I had been extremely looking forward to how it the finished costume looked. When it arrived wrapped up beautifully, I put it on top of my daugher's toy case without saying anything. When my daughter found the costume case, she opened it wondering what it could be. I will never forget her expression when she saw the costume. She was romping about. Actually, there is a ready-made costume available on the market. However, the costume that was delivered to my daughter is the only one of its kind, with its perfect cloth color. Although it was a tad embarassing for me as her mother, she enjoyed wearing it when we went on a trip.
With my second daughter to be born soon, I am thinking of ordering matching costumes for both of them from dot.com. I am grateful to the staff, who were kind throughout the whole process.

Nobukuro (from Aomori Pref.)
"Van Grants" from Tales of the Abyss

It took over a week for me to reply. Sorry for my late reponse.
Recently, I wore the costume in an event. I was surprised at how good the sewing and at how carefully the lining was made. My friend and enjoyed touching the costume. The length of the clerical garb was just right. I was also astounded at how nice-looking the complicated pattern turned out. Additionally, I was pleased with the boot covers, which also came out beautiful. I'm sure that I'll be ordering again from dot.com. Sorry again for the late reply.

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