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  • How do I order the costume?
    Please make a request using the free estimation form on our website.
  • Can you make any costume I want?
    I am sorry, but we do not make or sell robot costumes and some other kinds of costumes. Please contact us first.
  • Can you make a costume quickly?
    I am sorry, but we cannot shorten the delivery period. This is because we focus on high quality goods.
  • Can you make wigs?
    Yes, we can.
  • Can I check the costume at the basting stage?
    If you wish, you can see a picture of the costume at the basting stage (optional in the Premier Course).
  • Can you tell me the progress of the production?
    If you ask by email, we will reply as quickly as we can.
  • Until what time can I cancel the order?
    You can cancel the order for free before production starts. If the production is the progress, you have to pay 50 percent of the cost.
  • If the completed costume is totally different from the order, what should we do?
    If that should happen, we will repair it for free.
  • Can I ask you to fix the size of the costume?
    If the size of the cloth is different from the size you provided us with (by our mistake), we will fix it for free. Please contact us first.
  • When should I make a payment?
    Please make a payment into the Paypal account before the production starts.
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