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Our Clients Say

This is the feedback we received from the customer after delivering the custom-made costume.

The King Of Fighters 15 / Elisabeth Blanctorche

Last year, I ordered costumes of Ash and Elisabeth from THE KING OF FIGHTERS. Thank you for always taking care of us.

Since receiving the costumes we requested from your company, we have been enjoying cosplaying at various events and photoshoots.

I wanted to express my gratitude, so I decided to send this message on short notice.

Today, my husband and I wore your costumes to participate in "EVO JAPAN 2023", the biggest event in the fighting game community.

We entered the cosplay contest held at the event, and amazingly, I (Elisabeth) and my husband (Ash) were nominated and selected as finalists.

The judges praised the costumes, saying they were wonderful and fit our bodies perfectly.

Standing on stage in front of a large audience and receiving such an evaluation, as well as being asked for photos by many foreign visitors attending this global event, were all invaluable experiences made possible thanks to you.

Once again, thank you very much for creating these fantastic costumes.

We will continue to cherish and wear the costumes you have made for us.

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#Compass / Luciano

Hi, thank you for making this costume!

I received many happy reactions from people who liked and retweeted it on Twitter, thank you so much!

There will be an official event in Fukuoka in August, and I plan to participate in cosplay there. 

I will send you an email with my impressions again, including how the costume looks outdoors and the reactions from the general public.

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Monster Strike / Moses

This was my first time ordering a custom-made item, so I was anxious, but it turned out to be the right decision to ask Cosplay Samurai.

The email correspondence was very polite, and I felt reassured because they kept me informed about the progress regularly. The costume and the craftsmanship were both very detailed and well-replicated, which impressed me greatly.

The trigger for my request this time was "TikTok". When I saw the creation process in the videos, I couldn't help but watch all the posts.

Being able to see the process like this, I think even people who have never ordered custom-made items can feel at ease to make a request! I found the videos while searching for someone to make my costume, and I decided on the spot.

Thanks to Cosplay Samurai, I had a very fulfilling event! I am truly grateful.

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Halo / Master Chief

Thank you so much for the wonderful outfit that is light and easy to move in.

I am looking forward to playing with this armor from now on.

Please continue to take care of me.

Thank you for informing me about the storage method.

If I take any pictures or videos at events in the future, I'll send them to you, so please continue to support me.

Thank you very much.

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